Call Today: (877) 476-9090

Call Today: (877) 476-9090

World-Class Staffing and Consulting

Established in 2002, the Calendar Group is a full-service staffing firm which evolved out of the need for a more resourceful and personalized approach to staffing for high net worth families, individuals, and their companies. We partner with our clients in recruiting support staff for both home and office, taking into account the nuances that make each client different.

Our client’s time is irreplaceable and invaluable. We know that our clients have worked hard for their success and we wholeheartedly believe that for every need, no matter how seemingly specialized, there is a perfect fit. Keen intuition, discretion and unparalleled personal attention are the keys to our success in matching our clients with our elite network of professionals who truly “get it.” – Our professionalism and integrity are unwavering and unmatched by competitors.

In short, we spend our time freeing up yours.

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