5 Ways To Help Your Child Get Used To A New Nanny

help kids cope with new nanny

If you are a busy working parent with a hectic schedule, it can become really difficult to manage work and take care of the kids in a wholesome way. Hiring a nanny for your child is sometimes the only option you are left with, however, that’s not enough to make things happen the right way. Kids also take time to adjust with new people, and unless they resonate with the new nanny, the real purpose is not served. So what all can be done to make them more comfortable around the new face?

Inform Them Beforehand

First things first, if you have already decided to hire a new nanny for your child, let them know without any further delay. This will give them the much required time space to digest the idea, so that they can be ready for the new introduction. Suddenly exposing your child to a new person would have a negative psychological impact, which might trap him/her into thinking that you don’t care for them.

Let Them Know They Are In Charge

This may sound a little strange to the ears, but the best way to make kids adapt to a change is to make them believe that they are in total control of things. Children are more receptive when they know that they are not being dominated by anyone. Make sure your kid has a chance to show the entire house to the new nanny, and he is in a position to command as to how he should be taken care of.

Explain The Other Side Of The Story

The idea of hiring a new nanny can be intimidating for the child at the first thought, and they might give you those angry looks when you make them aware about it. You need to explain them the reason behind this, in a very loving and caring manner. Enlighten how you are working hard for their future, and how it would be difficult for the nanny to meet all of their expectations. Prepare them mentally to assimilate with the situation, and give them some time to get along well with the nanny.

The House Rules Remain Intact

Leaving the child in the care of a nanny doesn’t imply breaking the house rules. Let your kids know that the rules remain intact even in their absence. Some of the basic ones include following bedtime routines, completing homework, playing time-limit and taking care of siblings. Also, advise the nanny to be a little strict at times, when required, and give rewards for good behavior at home. You have to make sure that you hire the right candidate for this job.

Plan Interactive Activities & Have A Great Time Together

Trying out fun activities with the nanny can help the child to interact more and stay active throughout the day. Unless there is a fruitful interaction between the two, it would be really hard to make your child get used to the nanny. Maybe you can also plan some weekend activities where you can get involved actively, and give some time to your child. This can really work wonders, as the child positions himself to be an important part of the family.