7 Tips For Managing Millennials

managing millennials

Let’s be honest about this; millennials can be hard to manage, given their reputation of feeling entitled to almost everything in their lives. The lack of cooperation between employees of different age groups can turn the workplace into a mental battlefield, which in turn will affect the overall productivity as well. Let us take a look at some of the things you need to procure for effectively managing millennials at the workplace.

Creating A Conducive Work Environment

You can never use a one-size-fits-all approach when crafting the work environment. What may be a benefit for one might be a curse for another. Having a flexible work environment is not only applicable to managing millennials, but also applies in general to all generations. Spend more time on researching the outcome per employee, rather than the working hours spent at desk. Make the environment favorable for people of all ages and abilities.

Let Them Mentor Others

It’s a given fact that young millennials are more advanced in handling modern technologies and innovations that come up every day.  While the use of advanced expertise has made people lazy, the same skill-set has also led to the growth of a digital workplace with far more convenience for mankind. Giving them an opportunity to let you mentor will encourage them to participate more actively in workplace activities.

Provide Formal Training

Having a degree of higher education is not the only parameter to judge whether an individual is well suited for the company’s work culture or not. By providing formal training on job, the managers can get the most out of millennials, not only in terms of relevant skills, but also the soft skills, which is equally important for the employers as well.

Hold Small, Encouraging Talks

Making someone feel valued and appreciated for the work they do, and the kind of result they can bring about, is the best way to keep them encouraged for a good future. In reality, millennials love to be respected for their commitment, and even a couple of positive sentences or a short pep talk can inspire them to work even harder towards achieving the organization’s objectives.

Give Them Goals, Not Just Perks

Trendy perks may look good to attract talented potential employees, but to make them stay in the organization is a completely different thing. You need to give them a purpose as to how they can grow further in this position, and how their performance will be evaluated. Offering wine on tap or a weekly body spa is just not enough to keep millennials interested.

Break The Stereotype

It’s very easy to generalize the entire category of millennials on the basis of few individuals. They might have different working styles or priorities, but at the end of the day the idea is to pull up cash in the most exciting way possible. Break the stereotype that surrounds the entitlement feeling of millennials, since you never know what they have in store for you.

Encourage Them To Develop New Skills

Millennials can be inpatient, and they always look for new experiences with short term goals to thrive on. Give them a chance to develop new skill-sets, and offer them dynamic projects with challenging tasks. Monotonous job is something that they hate the most so simply by varying the tasks and encouraging them to develop new skills – it will be your gain as an employer as you see employee retention rates soar up.