How To Achieve Effective Communication At Your Workplace

effective workplace communication

Communicating with people is a prime necessity of life, but communicating effectively is an art. It may actually seem easy to commune with people you are comfortable with, but exchanging a few words at a workplace requires right selection of words and necessary skills to spread the message clearly. Miscommunication at a workplace may result in dirty politics and unmotivated employees, which can hamper the productivity of your organization.  Here are a few tips you need to implement for an effective workplace communication strategy.

The art of conversation

We are so much into technology these days that the real art of conversation is lost. People prefer to send emails rather than trying to converse in person. Though it’s a good tool for long-distance communication, but can have a bad effect on personal relationship. You might send a write-up with best of the intentions, only to end up being misinterpreted. Rather take a little stroll across the office floor, or personally call someone to give your two cents.

Have confidence in your team

The recruitment team did all the hard work to sort out the best bunch of talented candidates for the required job. Right? Then what is the need to keep hovering around your people, and reminding them what task needs to be done, and how. This would only give them a cage-like feeling, and they may start developing a sense of insecurity about their abilities. Give your employees the required space, so that they can do their job freely.

Be clear with task allotment

Employees are the most productive when a specific task is clearly and directly assigned to them. Good employers make sure that the right person gets the right message, and there is no hiccup in the line of communication. Not only does it develops employee’s eagerness to work efficiently towards a goal, but also inspires others to compete fairly. Dealing with subordinates in the manner you feel encouraged to be dealt with, is the best thing you can do as an office manager.

Have a feedback system in place

Your workers are not there to sweat it out all day, and throughout the year with only a pile of projects and monthly wage to breathe on. When someone puts an effort, they are not only doing it for money. Recognizing and appreciating someone’s hard work is only going to motivate them for something even better. On a weekly basis, share feedback with your employees individually, and tell them briefly what all they did perfectly and how much they can improve in future. Don’t be plain rude in pointing out someone’s mistake, and also, never miss out on rewarding someone for their hard work. You never know, a minute of polite talk can do wonders!

Explain reasons clearly

Just because someone is working under you, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to give explanations for your decisions. Great plans fail if they are not properly communicated to the entire team. Make your employees believe as to why the plan you proposed will make sense when it is executed. This will allow them to develop a clear understanding of the organization strategy and business goals.