The Advantages Of Hiring A Domestic Couple

hiring domestic couple

Domestic couples are often made up of two individuals who are married. They will work closely together to provide personal and domestic services for a household. Their responsibilities are mostly based on the employer’s property and personal needs. There are various domestic couple combinations, including:

  • Houseman & Laundress Couples
  • Estate Management Couples
  • Villa or Chalet Management Couples
  • Housekeeper & Chauffeur Couples
  • Hospitality Management Couples

Some of the common housekeeping duties include childcare, driving, laundry, cooking, security duties, and more. All in all, a domestic couple is the dynamic duo that ensures your fine home runs smoothly on a daily basis. You will be pleased to know that a domestic couple will also have the capability to deal with any emergencies in a highly efficient manner.

Today, an increasing number of affluent families are hiring experienced and well-trained domestic couples as they feel it is better than having two unrelated domestics working in their home. For many upper class households, hiring a domestic couple offers a myriad of benefits, and here are some compelling reasons why close-knitted couples can be ideal for hire in your household.

Domestic Couples Have a Diverse Range of Skills

From grounds keeping to house management to serving at the table to cooking and laundering, they meticulously put their skills and experience to work and the results are often stellar. Hired domestic couples are able to cater to a wide spectrum of requests because no client is too demanding for professionals like them. That’s why you can always find domestic couples that can keep up with your jet-setting lifestyle.

Domestic Couples Never Allow Personal Matters to Affect their Work

The nature of professional domestic couples is that they act as one. They will generally have a great relationship and will be able to work together well. While they may have the occasional disagreements, they are extremely discreet about it and will resolve it quickly. Do know that the aforementioned downtime is rare because domestic couples are more likely to remain happy in your employment, as they are getting the opportunity to spend quality time together while providing for their family.

Domestic Couples Pay Exceptional Attention to Detail

While they are able to multi-task, their attention to detail is second to none. This means that the amount of mistakes made continue to remain at an all time low. Efficiency is maintained, and tasks are performed with exceptional accuracy. When unnecessary errors are reduced, it equates to greater customer satisfaction. Also, detailed-oriented individuals possess excellent analytical and problem solving abilities.

Team Work and Harmony You Can’t Find from Those who Work Solo

A common problem that many affluent households face is when two separate domestics (a cook and a housekeeper for example) work together in the same home. Upper class homes with more exigent needs can benefit more from domestic couples who have years of experience working successfully as a team.

If you want to find out what hiring a domestic couple can do for your household, talk to us today and let us prove to you why a domestic couple can improve the quality of life for you and your loved ones.