Best Practices For Crafting A Stellar Resume

how to craft a stellar resume

A pivotal part of a job application is the way you craft your resume. No matter how talented or experienced you are, your first impression will always be formed on the basis of your appearance on paper. Hiring managers look for key call-to-action elements that push them an inch extra to have an eye on you. Following some of these proven resume practices can help you in crafting a stellar resume that will automatically be pushed up the pile.

Intense Proofreading

A professional resume should be free from all kinds of errors and silly mistakes in the structure. Even one misspelled word can be a disaster for your goals.  Proofread the entire content twice, and if possible get it done by someone else as well. This will give you a real-time idea about how the hiring manager will feel when he goes through your resume. Make sure you write in simple words, and don’t try to be too fancy or technical by any means. You are applying for a job, not an English essay competition!

Tailor Your Resume As Per The Requirement

Outdated resume can create the difference between settling for an acceptable job and a satisfying one. Frequent changes in the resume as per the industry and the specific requirement in that particular industry is one of the best practices you can adopt.  Always tailor your words to emphasize more on position-specific experience and how you can add value to the organization. By using an unambiguous content, you are making your resume talk to the hiring manager.

Remove Unnecessary Information

Most people have this habit of including every possible story of their life on the resume, with a hope that the other person will be impressed.  However, one should know that managers don’t have enough time to take a look at your fluff material. They are not interested in your hobbies or exaggerated statements. You need to use proper keywords highlighting your skills and capabilities, with all the strong points that you believe should be enough to sell yourself at a good price.

Proper Formatting And Structure

It’s a good practice to keep a professional resume as simple as possible. Trying to decorate it with fancy font and colorful texts may not give a good impression to the recruiting manager. All sorts of trendy headings and one-liners should be avoided. Use the best possible job title that has a significant meaning for the position you are applying for.

Use Bullet Points

To increase the readability of your resume content, it’s better to use indentation and bullet points to highlight your qualifications, rather than assembling everything into a long paragraph text. Put yourself into the shoes of a hiring manager and visualize how you want to scan the resume in as less as 20 seconds. Structured content makes it easier to track the keywords, and using short descriptions allow for a quick scrutiny. At the end of the day, the objective is to let out the right message to the recruitment team, and the results will take care of itself.

It advisable to approach a reputable staffing agency to sort out any kind of ambiguities in your approach towards a desired job profile!