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Nanny Trends: The Rise Of Male Babysitters

Male babysitters offer a diverse range of experiences for children under their charge. To find an ideal nanny for kids is a very common concern among a number of parents across the country. Going by conventional ideals, a perfect baby sitter should have a caring nature, exceptional qualifications, clean background, good recommendations, and most…
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Career Spotlight: Executive Assistant

Executive assistants hold an administrative position in various industries, and they work with top-level executives including CEOs, chairman, and senior managers. The main duty of an executive assistant is to support the management positions, organize meetings, manage work schedule and business travel arrangements for their superiors. They may also be…
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Should You Hire A Media Coordinator?

Anything that has the potential to make profits for your company should always be incorporated in your business structure. Given the recent trends, social media has become a great platform to reach a wider audience, without having to shell out a fortune. So, if your organization hasn't hired a media coordinator yet, it's…