Career Spotlight: Personal Chauffeur

personal chauffeur career spotlight

A personal chauffeur is someone who takes the responsibility of commuting passengers or his employer to and from the required destination in a responsible, comfortable and safe manner. Having sound knowledge about different locations and paying attention to details are two of the most important assets for a personal chauffeur. They are either hired directly for an individual or may work for a limousine agency. One can also use their own vehicle as public transport.

Job Qualifications & Experience

A personal chauffeur should at least possess a high school diploma or GED, with a valid driver license and no criminal charges. They must have relevant experience in driving with a clean record free of blemishes. Skilled and knowledgeable chauffeurs with good understanding of the routes in their local geographical area are preferred over someone from the other region. Few states may also require the chauffeur to have a professional license. On the other hand, limousine companies carry out an extensive background check to ensure there is no offensive background, and the candidate has the required etiquette to undertake this profession.

Job Prospects & Remuneration

The median annual salary of a personal chauffeur is around $23,510, which can vary a lot depending upon various factors.  The projected job growth for the role of a personal chauffeur is around 13% (2014-24), which is higher than the average for all occupations. An increase in demand is expected due to the ride-hailing services through the smartphone apps.

Job Skills Needed

Depending upon the level of expertise, personal chauffeurs can gain a lot with real-time experience. However, there are some basic skills that every chauffeur should possess.

  • Basic etiquette and communication skills
  • Exceptional driving skills
  • Excellent travel time management
  • Ability to respond positively during emergency situations
  • Good customer care skills
  • Basic know-how of vehicle maintenance
  • Understand driving routes and possible shortcuts

Job Scope Requirements

Responsibilities and duties of a personal chauffeur can vary from one employer to the other. Some of the typical ones include:

  • Driving the employer safely and responsibly to his preferred destination.
  • Carrying out vehicle maintenance, such as changing the battery, refueling the engine oil or fixing minor faults. Report to the owner, in case technician is required.
  • Additional services to the employer as a personal assistant
  • Pick-up and drop down employer’s friends and relatives from airports, meetings or events.
  • Show good temperament when there is a crisis situation

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