Career Spotlight: Receptionist

receptionist for corporate staffing projects

A receptionist is someone who makes a first good impression of an organization he/she is working for.  They are the first people that the visitors will come across when entering a business facility. In addition to that, a typical receptionist performs administrative tasks, which include paper works, scheduling travels and meetings, accepting important couriers, answering phone calls, sorting out inquiries, determining who gets access to the building, and everything else to ensure that the front desk objectives are met in an efficient manner. They may also act as a reception cashier in a few places.

Job Qualifications & Experience

Depending upon the industry and the company, hiring standards can vary a lot. Generally, a high school diploma should be enough to grab a role of receptionist, but in certain sectors, especially for the hotels and hospitality industry, you need to obtain a certificate from a reputed hotel management school.  Most of the training is received on-spot, but good telephonic and real-time communication skill is highly preferred.

Job Prospects & Remuneration

Based on a number of factors, a receptionist can be paid according to the requirements outlined by the employing company.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of a receptionist is $27,300, and the job growth rate for this role is around 10%, which is faster than the average.  They are mostly hired in hospitality, personal care and healthcare industries.

Job Skills Needed

Different industries may require different set of skills to fit the role of a receptionist; however, some typical ones include:

  • Communication Skills: You are the first line of contact for an organization, and if anything goes wrong at this level, you may have to face dire consequences. A good receptionist is someone who’s good with the words, and the way they speak to the visitors.
  • Customer Service Skills: You cannot be in a position to serve a customer comprehensively, unless you are knowledgeable about the company. Remember, you are the first impression!
  • Computer Skills: You need to answer inquiries though mails, and manage schedules as per availability. If there’s an industry specific software, you need to learn it.

Job Scope Requirements

Responsibilities and duties of a receptionist can vary from one employer to the other. Some of the typical ones include:

  • Welcoming visitors in a friendly manner, either in person, email or over a telephone call.
  • Maintain security by granting access only to authorized personnel and issue visitor badges for client visits.
  • Keeping records of the entries made per day.
  • Perform cashiering duties if required.
  • Answer queries in a descriptive manner.

Want to Apply for a Receptionist Position Today?

The Calendar Group puts in a great amount of effort towards the placement of potential candidates for our corporate staffing projects. We’ll be glad to meet you and discuss further about your future hire in one of our client’s offered position.  Make sure you have relevant work experience as a receptionist, and have strong references to back it up. Give us a call today, if you think you can fit the job scope perfectly.