Why Corporate Staffing Companies Perform Better Than Your Own HR Recruiters

corporate staffing companies

Both HR recruiters and corporate staffing companies do the same job i.e. to fill the required position by hiring an eligible candidate for the role. However, there is a big difference between the modus operandi employed by a staffing company and the HR recruiter. The former is an appropriate choice for all the good reasons.

Corporate Staffing Companies Are More Specific About Their Role

HR recruiters come from human resource background, rather than a recruiting one, and this is why they have a different approach towards recruiting a candidate. Their job is simply to post job requirements and screen candidates who are interested for a position in the company. On the other hand, staffing companies operate equally in both human resource and sales function, making them more experienced in negotiating deals appropriately.

Sense Of Competition Keeps Them Working Hard

Given the amount of competition in the recruitment industry, corporate staffing companies make sure their performance is up to the mark in order to build a reputation in the market. They respond to this additional pressure by paying more focus on what is assigned to them. This is not the case with HR recruiters, as they are permanent employees of the company, and they don’t have to compete with anyone.

Healthy Experience In Recruiting Practices

Staffing companies have better potential to fill all sorts of industry-specific positions in comparison to HR recruiters, who are only confined to their own company. While the latter may have sound technical knowledge which can be beneficial for filling certain positions, better job market research done by staffing agencies is the real game changer. They receive a number of requests from a variety of clients belonging to different industries, and they know exactly which key fits the lock.

Staffing Companies Are A Cost Effective Solution

Not all companies hire in bulk throughout the year, and there is no point in having a recruitment staff within a company, since they are always on a payroll whether working or not. Corporate staffing companies only charge for whatever work they do, and you can change your preferences whenever you want to, unlike the case with HR recruiters who are not that easy to replace.

Fast Response To Clients

Staffing companies recruit candidates day in and day out. They are always in a better position to respond quickly for urgent requirements. Given the fact that they are more habituated to growing network for the sole purpose of providing their services to the clients, an active pool of talent is always available with them. On the other hand, HR recruiters have to go through the entire process of refining, which may or may not result in desirable requirement.

No Makeshift Job

Corporate staffing companies know that they have to impress the hiring managers in order to get more requests in future. Whereas HR recruiters can simply walk away with a makeshift job by curtailing the job requirements, in case they are unable to find the right talent. Staffing recruiters will put more effort towards finding the right candidate for the position you are offering.