Several years ago, a client asked us if we would be able to find them a CEO for their company. It was an honor for us to undertake such a task and our success in finding the right person for a valued client brought a new element to our business.

The Calendar Group, a search firm which was traditionally known for recruiting support staff for private homes and offices was not only able to discover top talent in the corporate world, but to create lasting relationships between companies and their C-Level Executives. We take pride in our extensive network of contacts across industries and at the highest levels of organizations.

We get to know all of our clients and, in the discreet and efficient way we’re known for, match a CEO, CFO, COO, Chief Strategy Officer, hand-in-glove with a fitting organization. The Calendar Group has made some remarkable matches happen simply by reaching out to our extensive network of contacts of all fields, specialties and trades. We pick up the phone, work through referrals, make the introductions and follow our intuition.

The rest, as they say, is history. We continuously work behind the scenes to ensure that our clients are not overwhelmed with choices. Rather, we prefer to hone in on cherry-picked talent who are capable of moving an organization towards its aspirations. We then ensure that each C-level hire can be negotiated smoothly, with expectations managed on both sides and seamless logistics delivering results throughout the entire recruitment process.

If you happen to represent an organization currently seeking to make such a high-level hire and The Calendar Group’s approach speaks to you, please know that we are fully committed to our clients and will mine our extensive network to locate your dream employee. Most of our clients are repeat customers, and we are happy to provide you with professional references who align with your search and can speak to The Calendar Group’s approach.

Our C-level candidates are discreet professionals. The Calendar Group can help you find a Chief Executive who not only possesses the necessary experience and skills, but also has the right temperament and personality to fit into your organization with grace. The Calendar Group performs extensive reference and background checks as we pride ourselves on providing professional candidates who value integrity as much as we do.

Please e-mail or call us today so that we may provide you with a personalized consultation to discuss your C Level Executive needs and our services.

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