How To Find The Perfect Fit For Your Talent Pool

perfect fit for your talent pool

Finding a perfect candidate to fit into the shoes of “the ideal employee” who can amplify the productivity of your business is always a tough task. Not only does it involve investment of time and money, but it also takes into account a number of prospective factors laid out for the future.  In a number of cases, new hires don’t last for more than a year, and most of the employers end up regretting their recruitment decisions.  There are numerous variables associated with carrying out an effective talent search with a streamlined process and proper hiring strategy.

Descriptive Job Description

Brief specification of the job role you are providing plays an important role in targeting a suitable hire for that particular position. You need to figure out the exact requirement you have, and unless you do that, you’ll always end up with a wrong hire. It’s very easy to run a recruitment session for the post of an assistant, but this one word can have a number of parameters and functions that depend upon the organization. List out every possible quality a candidate must have to fulfill the main objective.

Hiring The One Who Fits Into Your Work Culture

There’s a big difference between hiring someone experienced and someone with the right kind of attitude towards the work profile he’s being offered. The former may be talented in terms of relevant experience, but the latter may just be the right fit for the culture. Employee’s compatibility with the company is more important than his achievements on paper. Just like a core technical guy may not have great communication skills, similarly you cannot expect someone to be totally robust for the position you are offering.

Keep The Process Short

Over-interviewing a candidate is not going to bring in some magic to the process. Also, if you don’t hire the applicant after an intense interviewing process, it creates a bad impression about your organization. Candidates can be screened over a phone call, followed by an interview with the HR and the manager. This should be enough to know whether the person is a right fit for your organization or not.

Don’t waste your time in scheduling unnecessary screening processes, and take a quick action if you find someone suitable for the affair. A lot of companies wait for a number of good options before handing over the offer letter to the selected one. With such a strategy, there’s a good chance, you might miss out on a good hire, if he/she decides to accept another offer. Never let a potential candidate wait for long!

Go After Your Intuitions

As a recruiting manager, make your experience count by following your instincts. Go with someone who feels right to you the very moment you get to know the person. That is the time when your unconscious mind ticks all the boxes for personality, experience, skills and attitude.

It’s all about going beyond the convention and introducing a little innovation in recruitment practices, so as to come out with better prospects. Call us today to help you sort out the best candidate for your organization.