How To Hire An Estate Manager For Your Household

hire an estate manager

Household management is no kid’s play, especially with large-sized size real estate and a number of staffs behind it. For someone who owns a mansion may probably not have enough time to ensure proper maintenance and staff coordination. This is where an experienced estate manager comes to rescue, assuring the level of service that you expect, as the owner. But the big question is; how do you find the right candidate for this role? Here are a few things to consider when you want to hire an estate manager:

List Your Requirements

Prior to posting any job advertisements or hiring a staffing agency to do the job for you, make sure to determine what exactly is required from your side. There’s a probability that you might be confusing with some other obligations. First and foremost thing to consider is the number of properties that require maintenance, coupled with the number of staff needed for it.  This will help you in gauging the required skills necessary to fit the condition. In case, if you are willing to hire an estate manager who will also manage your finances for all the events hosted at your property, make sure to base your selection on additional factors.

Figure Out The Eligibility Criteria

Once you have figured out your exact requirements, it’s time to whip out the eligibility criteria to screen the candidates. A typical estate manager will take care of the property, and guide the other members of the household staff to carry out their duties responsibly. Hence, he should have relevant experience in personnel management. On the other hand, if you are looking for someone to take care of household budgeting, make sure the applicant has a good background in finance. The biggest factor here is the amount of time that they have spent in personal and domestic service, since at the end of the day real-time experience counts more than anything else.

Interview And Recommendations

Once you are done with listing your requirements, and whipping out the criteria to screen the potential candidates, it’s time to interview the applicants. This is an opportunity to analyze each and every individual thoroughly, whether they are fit for the role or not. You can gain a valuable insight into their curriculum vitae to ascertain if you can make the best possible use of their skills. Although it’s not possible to touch base with the references of each applicant, make sure to do it for the ones whom you shortlist for the last round.

You can literally probe the referencing person for something that is not included on paper, or to gain a totally different view on the past performance and skill level of the candidate. This sort of information from the other side can help you a long way in making your final decision more effective, when hiring a real estate manager.

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