Should You Hire A Media Coordinator?

hire media coordinator

Anything that has the potential to make profits for your company should always be incorporated in your business structure. Given the recent trends, social media has become a great platform to reach a wider audience, without having to shell out a fortune. So, if your organization hasn’t hired a media coordinator yet, it’s high time you should consider hiring one, and there are many reasons to do so.

Your business can capitalize on the rise of social media

With the widespread of social media platforms, media relationships are all the more important today.  However, the truth lies in the fact that social media is all about getting the word out, grabbing new leads and engaging with potential customers. The media coordinator is responsible for updating social media content on a daily basis, in the form of blogs, photos, videos and email campaigns. He or she will write or search for relevant articles and share it on Twitter, LinkedIn or popular blogs to boost your search engine ranking.

Social media allows you to communicate effectively with your specific target audience, and a coordinator is in best position to know what is required. New forms of marketing have taken over the business these days, and if you don’t go side by side with the latest advancements, you may find yourself down the barrel.

Maintain your press relationships on traditional media

It does not mean that a media coordinator is only tasked to handle social media endeavors. In fact, your media coordinator will still need to handle traditional media matters such as preparing press kits and press releases for traditional media channels such as newspapers. Your media coordinator is often regarded as the “speaker” for your brand and can clarify matters regarding to new product launches, company events, and so on. Media advertising may or may not be under the designated job scope, depending on whether you have a marketing director already.

They do more than just media coordination

Oftentimes, businesses perceive that media coordinators are only responsible for communications with key external media stakeholders – and the worst comment we have ever heard is that “all media coordinators need to do is to talk and post.” This is far from the truth. Most media coordinators are expected to develop a budget for media initiatives as well as source for media equipment. They will also be involved in certain marketing matters, such as in charge of video productions for marketing the company.

Your talent investment will pay off itself

Investing in a media coordinator is an investment with good returns, which some people may have failed to understand. Saving cost on hiring a professional may save you some money, but if you take a look at the bigger picture, you are actually compromising a futuristic approach. Someone meant specifically for handling media coordination is in a good position to make the best use of today’s tools and resources. They know exactly what needs to be done, and how they should handle media matters to complement your brand voice.

At The Calendar Group, we have a qualified list of media coordinators, who are capable of raising awareness of your brand in the best way possible, both on social media and traditional media means. Contact us today to find the right fit!