At The Calendar Group, we understand that your Art & Antique collection is an investment of time, love and money. That is why we will only recommend an Art & Antique Collection Specialist who has extensive knowledge about art & antiques so that your collection can be maintained in the most pristine and professional way possible.

Hiring a professional to manage your art & antique collection will give you total peace of mind and help to maintain as well as grow the value of your highly prized collection. Art & Antique Collection Specialists will help to take care of your collection with white glove service.  When you hire an Art & Antique Collection Specialist you can expect regular upkeep of all art pieces and antiques, security procedures for the collection, manage collection technology, restoration procedures, transportation between residences and assistance with acquisitions and sales.

Finding specialists for an Art & Antique collection management is a task that only premier staffing agencies like The Calendar Group can tackle because qualified candidates to fill such a position are few and far between. We are well connected in the art and antique industries and have exclusive access to managers who can perfectly execute this job for our distinguished clients.

Please e-mail or call us today so that we may provide you with a personalized consultation to discuss your art management needs and our services.

Interested In Hiring an Art & Antique Collection Specialist?