Since 2002, The Calendar Group has helped high net worth individuals hire art curators and dealers across the country. We shortlist our art curators and dealers by their ability to buy and sell pieces of art work, like magnificent sculptures, fine art paintings, and more. Whatever your artistic preferences may be, we ensure that you can hire an art curator and dealer that live up to your expectations.

Art Curators & Dealers Can Actualize Your Artistic Vision

Art curators and dealers are professionals in the art world, and they are experts in the sale and purchase of art work. Our talented candidates can also select and organize the best type of art to be displayed in your grand mansion or spacious penthouse. Here is quick look at what art curators and dealers can do:

  • Deals with an eclectic mix of art
  • Communicate with auction house managers, gallery owners, and more
  • Visit auction houses and art galleries to purchase art on your behalf
  • Find the best way to display your purchased art
  • Help you organize exhibitions of your art collection
  • Take care of all administrative tasks that pertain to your exhibition

The Calendar Group Specializes in the Placement of Art Curators & Dealers

The Calendar Group is the preferred staffing agency of choice for many wealthy families and successful entrepreneurs because of our invaluable network of resources as well as the high level of discretion and attention that we provide during the placement of art curators and dealers. When you work with us, you can rest assured that the candidates we place are the best in their industry.


Please e-mail or call us today so that we may provide you with a personalized consultation to discuss your Art Curation needs and our services.

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