A Companion is a great option for anyone who needs assistance with any aspect of everyday life. Whether it be someone to run errands, read the paper to them, prepare their meals, organize and clean their home, keep track of appointments and commitments, travel, pack, maintain wardrobe or simply to join the individual on their day-to-day affairs, a Companion is a great way to provide for that special someone in your life who may not require a nurse, but could use the companionship to help them with their everyday tasks. Our Companions are discreet, compassionate professionals with a hospitality mindset and a service heart.

The Calendar Group can help you find a Companion who not only possesses the necessary experience and skills, but also has the right temperament and personality to complement your lifestyle.

Please e-mail or call us today so that we may provide you with a personalized consultation to discuss your Companion needs and our services.