At The Calendar Group, we can assist with the placement of highly capable House Managers to manage your staff in one or more fine estates and homes. We shortlist our House Managers by their ability to work in different countries where your private estates are located at, and you can be sure that our lasting staffing solutions will always meet your expectations.

Hiring House Managers Allows You to Run Multiple Homes Effectively

A qualified House Manager keeps daily operations in your primary or secondary homes running smoothly, and are perfect for today’s busy and affluent families. Here are some of a House Manager’s key duties:

  • Facilitate home cleaning duties
  • Assist in cooking meals for the family
  • Launder and put away clothing
  • Change linens
  • Manage employer’s finances
  • Supervise household staff
  • Handle household administrative duties
  • Schedule appointments for employer’s personal and professional needs
  • Help employers plan, organize and coordinate events

The Calendar Group Specializes in the Placement of House Managers

The Calendar Group is highly apt in the placement of House Managers for many high net worth individuals. Whatever amount of maintenance your home needs, a House Manager allows you to worry less about its management and enjoy it more. What’s more, we serve our distinguished clients’ needs with unwavering service commitment and a high level of discretion, and that’s why our staffing solutions always produce the best results in the household staff industry.

Please e-mail or call us today so that we may provide you with a personalized consultation to discuss your House Manager needs and our services.