The Calendar Group is highly experienced in the placement of Lady’s Maids in homes and estates. Our Lady’s Maids will personally attend to and wait on the lady of the house.  We shortlist our Lady’s Maids based on their excellent demeanors and references. Whatever your lifestyle dynamics may be, you can be sure that our lasting staffing solutions will go beyond your expectations.

A highly capable Lady’s Maid has unparalleled attention to detail and possesses outstanding knowledge of fine clothing and fabric care as well as other specialty skills. They may assist with wardrobe, makeup, hair, light housekeeping, etc. They often travel with their principal acting as Personal Assistant to ensure all their needs are attended to.

The Calendar Group serves the household staffing needs of many high net worth individuals. We always put our distinguished clients first and we serve with unwavering service commitment and an exceptional level of discretion. Whether you need everything to be ready for use after arriving at an overseas destination or need to get ready for a Sunday outing, the Lady’s Maids we place have multifaceted skills to fulfill all your day-to-day needs.

Please e-mail or call us today so that we may provide you with a personalized consultation to discuss your assistance needs and our services.