At some points in life, you may find that your needs will merge and result in the need for an “all-in-one” Domestic Assistant. The Nanny/Housekeeper is a multi-faceted professional with both childcare and cleaning experience. The Calendar Group works with some of the best live-in and live-out Nanny/Housekeepers who have experience caring for children while maintaining a beautiful and organized home. Often, the Nanny/Housekeeper supports a stay-at-home mother, or simply assists in a busy household with multiple and competing needs. Many of the Nanny/Housekeepers with whom we work have had many years of experience with one family and are also adept in the kitchen. We work with Nanny/Housekeepers who are flexible to work in homes with many pets or children and can cook for a family according to certain dietary restrictions, religious standards or personal preferences.

Our Nanny/Housekeepers are discreet professionals with a hospitality mindset and a service heart. They tend to stay many years with our clients and know how to make themselves indispensable in your home. The Calendar Group can help you find a Nanny/Housekeeper who not only possesses the necessary experience and skills, but also has the right temperament and personality to complement your lifestyle.

Please e-mail or call us today so that we may provide you with a personalized consultation to discuss your Nanny / Housekeeper needs and our services.

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