For many maritime-loving clients, it’s important to hire capable personnel who can assist them in managing their private yachts and sails throughout the year. As such, it is very common for us to get placement requests for yacht & sail staffing. With our strong industry experience in this staffing niche, The Calendar Group can assist you in hiring yacht and sail crew who are trained, experienced and trustworthy.

One of the functions of yacht and sail staff members is to offer hospitality services to the owners and guests as well as ensure the safe operations of the vessels when out at sea. Yacht and sail crew are often divided into two main categories: vessel maintenance/navigation and cabin services. On larger yachts, the crew size can be as many as twenty people, who can be responsible for navigation, maintenance, security, hospitality and even medical needs

Whether you need a full yacht crew or a Chief Hostess/Steward, you can certainly trust The Calendar Group to help you hire qualified candidates to meet your staffing needs. Each shortlisted candidate has to undergo a rigorous and extensive background check to ensure they meet the standards needed for placement consideration. Besides the high quality caliber of our candidates, you can also enjoy the unparalleled attention and service discretion we accord to all our clients.

Please e-mail or call us today so that we may provide you with a personalized consultation to discuss your maritime needs and our services.

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