Job Hunting Trends In 2017

job hunting trends 2017

The job market scenario keeps changing from time to time, depending upon what is required, and in what intensity. There is always some ambiguity when you are in a dilemma to choose a ground that will offer you lucrative jobs in the future. However, some informative research and recent hiring trends give us a good idea about what to expect in 2017.

Equal Pay For All Genders

In the recent years gender diversity at workplace has been a hot topic, as more and more companies are trying to maintain a standard sex ratio. Last couple of years saw a lot of women being recruited at different positions, and in the year 2017, companies will pay more focus on maintaining transparency about what they pay to their male and female employees. In a recent Glassdoor survey, it was reported that more than 60% American employees are likely to reject a job offer that pays different for the same work.

Emergence of HR Data Scientists

Data and design science is currently one of the hottest skills in the market, and a majority of companies have already hired potential data scientists to boost their marketing and sales. In 2017, one can expect this job profile to make its way into HR departments. This can turn out to be a highly valuable position, as the human resources team will gain deep insight into what actually goes through an employee’s mind, and what measures can be taken to retain talented candidates for a long period of time.

Work Schedule Flexibility

The gig economy is currently in the task-oriented phase, and it is not likely to spread out further. Gone are the days when employees were treated as labors with fixed wages for certain working hours, which was set by the employers themselves. In this technology driven world, everything has been streamlined to make it smoother for both the employer and the employee. The concept of choosing your own working hours and flexibility to work from anywhere will prevail in the coming years.

Automation Will Overrun The Manpower Requirement

Companies have become so dependent on technology that a majority of them plan to go completely mechanized, with less manpower behind the systems. While this may not fade away the job prospects completely, but will surely take a major portion of it in the retail and manufacturing industries. In order to counter this, one should focus more on building skills that no machine can do for any of the companies in the target sector.

Bid Adieu To Flamboyant Perks

Positioning an X-box machine or a Play Station at workplace, free Spa treatments, monthly outings and many more such enticing perks are there only for showing off the employee-friendly facilities. In reality, these things are more style, and the coming years will see companies moving away from such kind of bonuses.  There will be more focus on increasing the days that you can take a paid leave, or better incentives irrespective of your salary package.  The idea is to make the word ‘Perk’ sound more meaningful rather than fancy!