Nanny Trends: The Rise Of Male Babysitters

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Male babysitters offer a diverse range of experiences for children under their charge. To find an ideal nanny for kids is a very common concern among a number of parents across the country. Going by conventional ideals, a perfect baby sitter should have a caring nature, exceptional qualifications, clean background, good recommendations, and most people would say that such qualities can only be found in a female care taker. However, this trend has certainly evolved over the years, and the customary tradition of hiring female nannies has started to change for all the good reasons.

Is hiring a male babysitter a good idea?

The majority of parents today is open towards making a switch from female nannies to male babysitters, and there are many reasons to do so. A male nanny makes sure that apart from taking proper care, they are also involved in making the children participate in outdoor activities such as playing soccer or baseball, as well as a variety of recreational fun activities that encourage children to stay fast-paced and active. These things constitute an important component of upbringing, and it’s all about nurturing an active personality within a child.

The conventional female baby sitter role is more inclined towards a caring type of environment but will usually not emphasize on outdoor activities. A male babysitter offers dual services for the cost of one –he’ll take care of the child, and can also be a mentor for sports-oriented activities.

In addition, having a male nanny breaks down the gender stereotype that only a woman can provide the sort of caring environment required for nurturing a child. It provides a new perspective to the child that even men can be as effective as a caretaker as women. What’s more, male babysitters can protect the child well in challenging situations. Some parents attest to the fact that a male babysitter is most ideal when their children are boys, and the male nanny can be a role model they look up to.

Hiring babysitters from The Calendar Group

More men are embracing babysitting jobs these days, and it’s all about breaking the gender bias regarding relevant roles for a man or a woman. It doesn’t matter what gender you choose, finding the right child caretaker is more about doing your homework right. Every child is different and so are their behaviors.  It’s very important to carefully review the candidate (regardless of the gender) you are willing to hire, and find someone who can form a good rapport with your kids and can be trusted for long.

The Calendar Group is a reputed staffing agency that helps you in sorting out the right kind of candidate for your domestic staffing needs. When looking for a professional child caretaker, we believe that there should not be any discrimination given to male babysitters, who have the potential to bring out the best in your kids in a positive manner. We will scrutinize your needs thoroughly, and pick the best candidate for the nanny position that you are looking to fill. Contact us today to find out more!