Recruitment Talk: What You Need To Know About The Gen Z

Gen Z generation for recruitment

The young guns of the modern world filling the career blocks these days with a new definition of millennial employees are a big challenge for the employers. They have been under the spotlight for all the good and bad reasons. But, when it comes down to recruiting talents, it has to be a long lasting one. This is the reason why businesses are shifting their focus from millennials to Generation Z, the future legion.

Gen Z recruitment

Who is the Generation Z?

Someone who’s still in the high school or on the verge of completing their graduation. Someone who was born in the age of technology, and more likely to be fascinated by it. Numerous research and studies have been conducted to ascertain who fits the title of Gen Z, since everyone cannot be categorized that way.

What Keeps Them Interested?

There are lots of things you should know about Gen Z people, but here are the basic ones you should employ for better engagement.

High Social Media Interaction

It’s a well known fact that today’s generation is more engrossed in interacting through social media, rather than meeting someone in person, directly. This is not because they are shy, but languid enough to entertain such an idea, as the purpose is served with the touch of finger. Gen Z believes that social media affects self-esteem, happiness and well-being. They prefer to stay online rather than ‘in line’, and this is where the businesses have to churn out ideas in order to engage socially with them, and to capture their interest for future positions.

Mobile-Compatible Campaigning

You cannot keep this generation away from their smartphones, since for most of them; it’s a world in a single piece of device. Social media campaigns and a persuasive website is just not enough to catch the attention of iGen. They are probably too lazy to turn on their desktop and look for what you got to offer. As an employer, you have to make sure that your marketing ventures, job campaigns and application forms are available through a mobile device.

Dynamic Positions and Career Growth

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur these days, or at least a position that they can have control of.  Gen Z fits nicely into that category, and unless your business implements ideas to keep them interested, you’ll probably end up losing a potential talented candidate. It’s very important to promote internal mobility and offer dynamic positions to an individual, so as to make him feel that he is not stuck with the same job for all his life.

Keeping Things to the Point

Gen Z has shorter attention span than their counterparts, which means you have to keep them inclined towards your business, or else they will move on with a better opportunity, as perceived by them. Keep things concise, and do not exaggerate beyond their tolerance. But at the same time, be powerful and brief in pointing out what is expected from the future hires, and how that can affect their career growth projection.