Recruitment Trends That You Need To Consider

recruitment trends in 2016 and 2017

As the market continues to stiffen over time, finding the right talent for your organization can be a tricky affair. Attracting potential candidates and retaining them with better perks and opportunities is always a challenge. Companies will have to be more specific about their approach to talent recruiting, and pay attention to these recruitment trends that will dominate this year and the next.

More focus on branding

Today, excellent candidates are more of a job-shopper than a job seeker. They will be wary of a company that doesn’t have a strong online and offline presence. At the first instance, your organization will be judged on the basis of reputation it has in the market, and that can only be achieved by developing a strong brand.  You need to provide quality job applicants with a valid reason as to why they should apply to work in your company. Make use of social media pages, and give direct insight into the organization by letting your current employees tell stories about it.

Making use of talent analytics

Analytics is on the boom these days, and it’s helping organizations to make better decisions. By taking leverage of the data obtained on a daily basis, it’s possible to switch from the traditional method to recent hiring trends. More and more companies are hiring data analysts to develop an insight into in-depth metrics, including details on current and future employees, as well as to analyze competitor talent pool. Analytics is all about making a long story short and precise, to determine whether a candidate has the required competency, experience and drive to succeed in the role he or she is being offered.

Carrying out in-house training

Promoting cultural diversity is a great way to bring in talent from different fields and train them on-job for better performance. It might sound a tedious idea at first thought, but cross-industry hiring may actually gain you some good hires. Nurturing and developing a talent internally can reduce staffing costs and increase productivity. The concept is to look beyond the relevant experiences and invest on program hiring to grab potential candidates with the right traits.

Smoother interview experience for candidates

Quality candidates can also be your potential customers, and you wouldn’t want them to leave a bad review about your company. There’s an urgent requirement to review your recruitment procedure to make sure that right from making an initial contact with the applicant to following a tedious process, the entire procedure is a smooth experience for the candidate.  If you go off the mark, you may find some really bad feedback on websites like Glassdoor, and such reviews are not appreciated by potential job-seekers.

More advanced HR technologies

Video-interviewing has been one of the rising recruitment trends in recent years and will continue to occupy the space on strategy list. Traditional talent acquisition platforms have started to expand and improve their hiring solutions, including applicant tracking system and HRIS-type functions. You need to be equipped with latest software that supports critical hiring processes and workflow. As the employment market continues to evolve, organizations who are recruiting should keep looking for industry-specific technology solutions all the time.