Top Tips For Using Social Media For Recruitment

using social media for recruitment

Social media has become a popular recruitment tool among many employers, and there’s no doubt it has made the human resource task easier and convenient.  One can easily post vacancy for a particular position, and then scan through the profiles of people who apply for it. However, it’s crucial to have a wide network of professional acquaintances. Once a prospective candidate’s profile is sorted, it’ll only be a formality to check for his qualifications and recommendations. Enlisted below are some vital recruitment tips for an effective social media recruiting strategy.

Keep sharing interesting content

Online presence is not enough to attract a pool of talent. Give your followers a reason to keep coming back to your page. Have a separate corporate blog to share what it is like to work for certain positions in your company, and share some photos as well. An interesting journal related to your industry can also help build a good amount of viewers. It’s all about making your online presence felt!

Connect individually

There’s no better way of screening a potential client, than communicating in a thoughtful and meaningful manner. Be a part of a conversation and let interested people know that you are there to guide them through the entire recruitment procedure. You can always take time to understand who you want to reach out, and once you do it, make sure to have enough time and attention for that particular individual. Make the right candidate feel that the organization is looking for the expertise he has!

Make your employees spread the word

One of the best ways to draw in applications is to have your current employees spread the word about the work culture and business objectives of your organization. Allow them to engage in Facebook pages or Linkedin Connect. People love to hear stories, and your employees can be the best story-tellers. As per a recent online survey, more than 60% of respondents prefer applying for a new job if they are told about it by someone working in the organization itself.

Use LinkedIn’s Recruiter Homepage

LinkedIn is probably the most popular social media choice for recruiters, and one can employ its recruiter homepage tool for better profile analysis. This is a paid service in which you get an additional access to match algorithms, which provide prospective applicant suggestions on the basis of your recent activity. It allows you to scrutinize job applications more actively and is definitely an effective tool to incorporate into your recruiting practices.

Be authentic

The worst thing that you can do in order to catch a highly potential bunch of talent is to be deceptive with your approach. If you are looking for real candidates, you have to be real as well. You need to build a relationship with your prospective employees, since other employers are also looking to grab someone capable. Your authenticity will attract likewise candidates and clients who’ll fit right for the organization. Misleading applicants with illusory offers will only hamper the professional image of your company, and bad reviews on internet spread like fire.