Top Ways To Improve Your Job Search In 2016

job search in 2016

Finding employment in a saturated competitive market place has become tough over the recent years and you may not be able to withstand the challenges unless you plan to evolve. Grabbing a lucrative position in a reputed company is certainly not limited to your work experience. If you are on a job search in 2016, you need to have a cutting edge over others as well as possess a well-planned job search strategy.

Set Realistic Goals

Don’t try to touch the sky unless you have crossed the clouds. Setting realistic goals when in quest of an ideal job is the solution behind achieving what you deserve. Job search is just like a project which requires you to have the right temperament and practical approach. If you aim too high without substantial experience in the position you are looking for, you may end up frustrating yourself. Rather look for work profiles that suit your expertise and something that adds to your skill count for bigger opportunities.

Go Through Your Resume Thoroughly

Most people in spite of having the right kind of relevant experience fail to grab the attention of potential employers. This is mainly due to wrong style of presentation or lengthy descriptions in the resume. You need to know that employers have to review a pile of resumes and they have little time to scan every little detail. There’s no harm in getting your profile reviewed by experienced people who can judge how good your resume is. Try to think from the employer’s point of view and see if your resume impresses you at the first glance. You need to give them a clear message rather than jotting down the entire history. It’s not a bad idea to invest in a resume writing service to get that call-to-action resume prepared professionally.

Optimize Your Online Presence

Gone are the days when emailing the resumes was enough to take the first step towards job search. Nowadays most of the employers tend to search for potential candidates online, even if they are impressed by your written piece.  A high-ranked profile on LinkedIn is a big plus point, as it acts both as a recommendation and a strong reference. Pepper your profile with the right mix of keywords and be honest with what you write in the resume and the profile details. A mismatch in information can be detrimental for your chances of getting that job. An easy way is to check out the profiles of people working in relevant roles and the company you are targeting. This will give you an idea on how to optimize your profile to grab the attention of potential employers.

Market Yourself Well

Don’t make yourself look like a hungry man desperate for food. Patience is the key when it comes to effective job search and you need to believe in your potentials. Marketing yourself as a professional brand will make you stand out among other candidates and make your potential employer feel the need to hire you right away. In this age of technology, it’s easy to connect with professional people from all across the globe and you can make the most of it by projecting yourself as a unique brand and pushing your resume to the top of the pile of applications.