Why Should You Use A Corporate Staffing Agency?

why use corporate staffing agency

Hiring the right person for the right job is a tricky affair, and most of the time the process goes wrong due to weak recruitment strategies. This is where a corporate staffing agency comes into play. Trying to save cost on hiring such agencies may ultimately be expensive to you in the long run. Think of it, scanning through the resumes, verifying the qualifications, screening the candidates and finally short-listing a few prospective ones can be a tedious task. A corporate staffing agency not only helps you to reduce the workload, but also offers many other benefits as shown below:

Reduce overall labor time and cost of hiring

The main job of corporate staffing agencies is to recruit, screen and select the right application for a particular position. To understand about the organizational goals and requirement of a client, a corporate staffing agency analyses the structure of a company as presented by the delegate. After this, they scan through their database and look for candidates who apply for a similar job profile. A good agency will always have a wide network to take advantage of, and they can save company’s time and cost to hire a suitable candidate. When the requirement is high on a seasonal basis, a staffing agency can also authorize a temporary staffing employee to take care of the recruitment needs. This saves extra cost on overtime labor of current employees and they can be specially used for the required purpose.

Minimize bad hires

Highly potential full-time employees may have the skills to make a world-class company, but they may not be the best of the selectors. A corporate staffing agency has seasoned recruiters in their team, who know that a good interview is just not enough to fill up a position for a long term requirement. They are in a better position to separate a qualified candidate from the right one.  It’s all about striking a balance between the needs and the period for which it is required.

Improve productivity

A season of recruitment can be very hectic for senior staff members of a company, since they are the ones responsible for driving a pool of talent from a crowd. This can be overwhelming and exhaustive for the full-time employees, and there’s a high chance of ending up with less productivity within the organization. The advantage with a temporary staff employee is that the permanent staff members can focus on their work, while the recruitment is taken care of, by the staffing agency.

Give you a chance to evaluate a candidate well

You can have a potential candidate working for you on a short-term basis, so that you can judge his abilities whether he has the required temperament and skill to fit into your company’s work culture.  Once you have enough trust on that person, you can hire them for a permanent job position. Always remember, a candidate with good amount of experience may not necessarily fare well for a certain requirement.

Cast a wider reach

A reputed corporate staffing agency has a huge network in a saturated job market.  Given the amount of experience, seasoned recruiters know exactly what fits the condition. They also have an idea about a set of currently employed talented individuals, who are looking for better offers.